CNC Automation. A necessity, now more than ever.

Automation is nothing new, not even in the manufacturing industry. We have been building low-threshold and user-friendly solutions with RoboJob for nearly 15 years that can significantly increase the yield, flexibility and efficiency of your machine park. More than 800 of our robots have already been installed at home and abroad. Nobody else can compare to this.

One thing that is new is the absolute necessity to invest in the automation of your machine park. Now more than ever. The past few months have shown in a very painful way how dependent we all are on our manufacturing industry. It quickly became apparent that there was a shortage of mouth masks, hospital beds and respirators. It was also found that the vast majority of these products are produced abroad.

This is the time to get out of our comfort zone and look for solutions that may otherwise not be so obvious. Only then can we succeed in revitalising our local manufacturing industry, while keeping a close eye on the operator's job satisfaction. Your CNC machine can do more and RoboJob can help you get more out of it.

Now is the time to take the step to CNC automation. RoboJob is the partner that can offer you the most extensive portfolio on the market. Moreover, you can rely on our experience with more than 800 installations under our belts.

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You are not the first one to start with CNC Automation.

Hundreds of companies are already working with us.

  • Franz H. Bruder GmbH
    Oppenau, Germany
    Franz H. Bruder GmbH

    "Thanks to automation, the same machines and staff can effectively increase machine uptime and thereby dramatically increase productivity. "

  • SAS F2B Usinage
    Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf, France
    SAS F2B Usinage

    "We wanted our new Variaxis to run every night and every weekend. And I now can state that we also succeeded in that."

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