RoboJob surprises with 3 innovations at AMB

RoboJob surprises with 3 innovations at AMB

Promises need to be kept. Not so long ago, RoboJob – the market leader in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines – announced that it had some surprises in store for the AMB exhibition.

AMB, the International exhibition for metalworking, is this year's biggest tradeshow for the metalworking industry in Europe. This week RoboJob founders and CEO’s Helmut The Roovere and Luc De Ceuster confirmed what lies ahead. 

Not one, not two, but THREE innovations 

Both managers are delighted: "This year is the year of confirmation," explains Helmut De Roovere."RoboJob already has a nice track record, and the demand for our solutions continues to increase. From Belgium and the Netherlands to Germany, Sweden and even Australia and New Zealand! This confirms that we have a good product," says a happy De Roovere. "A product that can really make a difference in the world of machining. Both for the customer and the operator. It's good that we get as much recognition as we do this year, both from our customers and our partners. High time we give something back to those people. And we do so by offering them three new innovations which will further increase the efficiency of the CNC machine and of the customer’s business."

The standard RoboJob products – the Turn-Assist Series for loading and unloading of CNC lathes, and the Mill-Assist Series for CNC milling machines – are all equipped with a table on which the working pieces are stacked. Both raw and finished pieces. A robot ensures that those are loaded in and out of the CNC machine, and so a physical task of the operator is taken over by the robot. The operator focuses on setting up the software. This happens quickly and efficiently because this is so essential in a production environment. 

Co-founder and director Luc De Ceuster is also responsible for the Research & Development department of RoboJob. He explains the three innovations: "Our Turn-Assist Series can be equipped with three new functions from now on. These functions are an extension of the software and the hardware. The operator will therefore be able to program these new tasks quickly and easily. And he is also able to add three "physical" items to his Turn-Assist: A Shaft Extension rack. A PALLET-LOAD function. And a pallet-UNLOAD function."

Three extensions to the Turn-Assist Series 

Three extensions to the standard product can now simply be added to a Turn-Assist Essential, 180 or 250. With the Shaft Extension, RoboJob offers the possibility to automatically load and unload shafts on CNC lathes. This innovative solution includes a configurable shaft rack, a shaft-edge detection laser, adjustable and reversible two-point grippers for shafts and an extremely user-friendly software enhancement. 

With PALLET-LOAD, rough parts can be stacked on one or more pallets. A pallet is placed within the range of the robot, so that the robot can load directly from the pallet in the CNC lathe. This solution, which mainly applies to medium and larger series, ensures that the downtime of the CNC machine is reduced to a minimum. 

Finished products can simply be stacked on the table, or even on a pallet, thanks to the PALLET-UNLOAD function. Finished products can immediately be palletized efficiently, which results in even less physical work for the operator. This allows him to further focus on creative tasks such as the programming of CNC machines. 

Using pallets separately or in combination with one another 

The functions PALLET-LOAD and PALLET-UNLOAD can be used separately or in combination with one another. In both cases they further increase the number of spindle hours of the CNC machine and hence the gross margin of the company in general. In addition, the diameter range can also be increased and the number of pieces is even higher than if stacked on the table. 

"The great advantage of these new features is that the customer can choose himself when he wants to use them," explains De Ceuster. "Is there a job that is eligible, this option can be set up quickly. If the next job is a completely different series, then you can just take the hardware off and you are back to the 'normal' table before you know it. We have reduced the physical tasks to an absolute minimum. You can switch in just a few minutes."

Expand step by step with a modular system 

"With these three new extensions, RoboJob underlines the innovative nature of the company yet again," concludes Marketing Manager Steven Craenen. "But our products can also grow with the customer. They can be extended step by step, depending on the type of jobs that our customers receive. You can start using our products from day 1, even for complex working pieces. But now you can also expand every Turn-Assist with a Shaft Extension, with PALLET-LOAD or with PALLET-UNLOAD. And you can do all that without touching the standard product. This increases the flexibility of the customer. And he doesn’t have to make any decisions about what his final solution will look like when making his first purchase. The customer can also create his own grippers himself, without having to need to knock on RoboJob’s door."

AMB: 16 to September 20, 2014 in Stuttgart

RoboJob will be presenting all 3 innovations at the AMB tradeshow. The AMB trade fair takes place from 16 to 20 September 2014 at the Messe Stuttgart, on a half-day's drive from Brussels, Antwerp or Eindhoven. By plane only just over a good hour. You will find RoboJob in Hal 7, op Stand 7A74.

RoboJob is the Belgian specialist in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines. You can find all our products, technical information and prices at the RoboJob booth.

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