RoboJob attracts more and more international employees

RoboJob attracts more and more international employees

Things are going well at RoboJob. That became clear in January, when it became known that 2018 was concluded as a new record year. The young and fast growing company not only attracts Belgian employees, but also more and more international workers.

Last year, the Belgian market leader in CNC automation was pushed to new heights: new records in sales, installations and turnover did not fail in their effect on employment. This resulted in no less than 10 new employees. Today the company has around 50 employees and the search for fresh blood is now also taking an international turn.

"Since we acquired new partners in Italy and Spain at the end of last year, we are now active throughout Western Europe", says CEO Helmut De Roovere. "We install more than 80% of our systems abroad. This means that our installers and technicians often have to travel, but that’s not for everyone. I did it myself for a long time, traveling around the world to install machines. If I was still 30 years old, I’d still do it. But that was quite a while ago”, laughs De Roovere.

Because the search for technical talent doesn’t show any evidence also at RoboJob, the robot specialist is taking a different approach: RoboJob is now looking for technical talent in those countries where it will be installing its robots. International workers who have settled in Belgium are also welcome. "It’s certainly not just Belgians who work with us," says De Roovere. "We now have colleagues who come from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom. If they have the right technical skills, then in my opinion, other nationalities are definitely welcome to join us.”

Knowledge of languages is also a great asset. "We install our machines at customers in Germany, France, Spain and the list goes on. As Flemings, we happily speak a smattering of many languages, but that’s not always the same as your mother tongue. When we’re able to walk into our customers together with a native speaker, it takes away a lot of obstacles."

RoboJob therefore continues to be searching hard for technical profiles. Available jobs and frequently searched profiles may be referred to on the website.

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