Lunch & Learn about Smart Automation in Austria

Lunch & Learn about Smart Automation in Austria

Demand for user-friendly and smart automation is rising throughout Western Europe. The manufacturing industry has faced decreasing gross margins, after it experienced changing market conditions in recent years. The odds are now starting to turn, thanks to extremely user-friendly standard automation solutions which can increase the yield of the CNC machines. Okuma Europe has understood the need for information and education in this area, and is organizing an educational lunch session in its Technical Centre in Pamdorf, Austria on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

Over the past 6 or 7 years, a lot has changed in the manufacturing industry in Western Europe. Since the start of the economic crisis back in 2008, companies have been downsizing the quantities of their orders. This has forced manufacturing companies to become more flexible, but this has proven very difficult with a shortage of qualified CNC operators and rising personnel costs. As a result, gross margins have fallen for many manufacturing companies, and many of them have not survived the economic crisis. While the economic outlook is slowly improving, the industry is also realizing that in order to survive, they will need to stay flexible, and find a way to improve gross margins once again.

RoboJob, a Belgian company which found its origin in the manufacturing industry, has specialized in the development of user-friendly standard solutions for the automatic loading and unloading of CNC-machines. After extensive research, development and in-house testing, it started marketing its standard automation products in 2011. Three years later, its products are now up and running in metalworking shops across the Benelux and Germany, all the way to Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria to even Australia and New Zealand. The key to success? User-friendliness and flexibility.

Okuma, worldwide leader in the production, sales and service of highly productive CNC Machine Tools, Factory Automation and support services, has acknowledged the need for such smart but simple automation. Some of the company’s dealers are already distributing, installing and servicing the RoboJob standard products in Sweden, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Okuma Europe has now invited the Belgian automation specialist to Austria, where it will be sharing its knowledge and experience with the Austrian customer base of Okuma. On Thursday, 20 November 2014, Okuma is organizing a Lunch & Learn session at its Technical Centre in Pamdorf. Attendees will learn all about the smart automation which has been developed by RoboJob, and how this can improve the flexibility as well as the gross margins of companies in the manufacturing industry. RoboJob will also be demonstrating its Turn-Assist 250 in live demo sessions.

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