• Machine Construction

    Machine Construction

    CNC Automation is indispensable in Machine Construction. A lot of RoboJob customers are involved in Machine Construction and rely on their automation to keep production running.

    See which RoboJob customers are active in Machine Construction.

  • Agriculture


    What does RoboJob have to do with Agriculture? More than you might think! Several of RoboJob's customers build machines that are used in the Agricultural sector. Automation is a crucial link in the production of such machines.

    Find out everything about our customers involved in the Agricultural sector.

  • Supply of mechanical components

    Supply of mechanical components

    Like no other, suppliers feel and know what the challenges are in an international market. The pressure to remain competitive and profitable is immense. Thanks to our robots, peace and quiet can return to the workplace and you increase your return.

    Discover which suppliers have already taken the step to CNC Automation.

  • Plastics


    Machining with plastics is rather different than with metals. In this sector too, RoboJob solutions are widely used to increase efficiency and spindle hours. 

    Find out more about our customers involved in Plastics.

  • Pharmaceuticals


    Manufacturers of products and parts for the pharmaceutical and medical sector are also going for CNC Automation. They rely on RoboJob in order to strive for the highest possible quality.

    See our customers active in the Pharmaceutical and Medical sector.

  • Tools


    Many well-known suppliers of Tools for CNC machines use RoboJob robots to optimise their own production. Indeed, they too need to optimise their production.

    See which RoboJob customers are active in the production of Tools.

Sectors & Applications

In which sectors are our customers active?

Our customers are active in a wide range of sectors and industries. Our robots are not only used by suppliers, but also by companies involved in Machine Construction, Agriculture, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals and in the production of Tools for CNC machines. 

Are you involved in one of these sectors? Take a look at comparable companies that have already chosen RoboJob. You’ll certainly come across some well-known names. 

Every day you see or use a product that one of our robots has worked with. After all, our customers are active in a wide range of sectors and industries. RoboJob's automation solutions are used to make the most diverse machines, devices or products: from high-tech parts for satellites, aircraft or wind turbines to screens, smart phones or the fitting for a lamp.

You’ll come across products everywhere that were made with a CNC machine. With the help of RoboJob's robots.

Curious to know which companies in your sector have already chosen RoboJob? Click on your sector or industry and discover our testimonials.

Which brand of CNC machines would you like to automate?

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