References in CNC Automation

RoboJob had its genesis in its sister company Aluro CNC. They have been active in machining for more than 25 years. In recent years the company has been confronted with a well-known issue: wages costs in the last 20 years have skyrocketed and batch sizes have dropped. That has substantially eaten into the margins of the machining companies.

Since the start of the economic crisis a number of problems emerged at sister company Aluro CNC, including the decline in the batch size of orders. The customer didn’t only want smaller order sizes but also faster delivery times and all this at capped prices.

In order to meet these challenges RoboJob was founded. For and by the machining industry. Robojob offers you a user-friendly, reliable and extremely compact solution for automatically loading and unloading your CNC machines. Our ground-breaking robot systems allow us to resolve the problems you encounter on a daily basis and help you to once again make small and medium sized runs profitable.


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