Turn-Assist 200

With the Turn-Assist 200, RoboJob offers you the most compact automation on the market. This model has been specifically developed for the loading and unloading of small and medium sized batches, for workpieces up to Ø200 mm.

This model has 2 servo-controlled stacking plates that allow you to stack a considerable amount of rough and finished components.

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  • Small and medium sized runs
  • Workpieces up to Ø 200 mm
  • Powered table with more capacity
  • Robot payload: 12 kg, 25 kg, 35 kg or more
  • Integrated or Separated

Automate your CNC turning lathe with the RoboJob Turn-Assist

Our Turn-Assist Series offers you a wide range of three standard products for the automation of your lathe. These three solutions differ in dimensions, capacity and workpiece diameter.

They are all very user-friendly, compact, accessible and visible: thus our Turn-Assist Series are the most compact and user-friendly loading solutions on the market. You also have the most comprehensive standard functions, so that you can get started right away with our easy-to-use controls and significantly increase your Output, Efficiency and Flexibility.

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With the Turn-Assist 200 we have the most compact automation system on the market. The other models too, take up very little space.

With the Turn-Assist 200 you can choose from more than 4 different models:

  • Turn-Assist 200 i 12: removable and/or movable with a payload of 12kg
  • Turn-Assist 200 i 25: removable and/or movable with a payload of 25kg
  • Turn-Assist 200 s 12: separated, with a payload of 12kg
  • Turn-Assist 200 s 25 or more: separated, with a payload of 25kg or more

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Turn-Assist 200 Integrated

Turn-Assist 200 Integrated

Turn-Assist 200 Separated

Turn-Assist 200 Separated

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