Physical relief

Do you want to let your CNC operators do less physical work and improve the working conditions on your workfloor?  Automation takes away a large part of your people's physical tasks, making their job a lot more enjoyable.  The robot takes over these physical, repetitive tasks to a large extent.

Do your operators sometimes complain about the heavy duty physical work?  Or is someone already sick because of back problems or other physical problems?  With CNC automation, the physical, repetitive work is largely taken over by the robot.  This improves the ergonomic working conditions in your production.

This allows you to let your people do their job in more pleasant conditions.  In addition, you allow them to focus on the aspects where they really add value to your business: programming and preparing the machine.  By deploying a Turn- or Mill-Assist, they will spend more time on these creative tasks.  This way, your people are less stressed during busy periods, and can even handle multiple machines.  All of this allows your employees to get to work with a smile.

This is just one of the many advantages of CNC automation. Discover the other benefits.

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