More spindle hours

Would you like to increase the spindle hours on your CNC machines?  Automation allows your machines to achieve more spindle doors without having to use additional people for that.  That way you can significantly increase your turnover as well as your profit margins.

How do you increase the number of spindle hours of your CNC machines without having to employ more operators?  Thanks to our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, you can now run your CNC machines without an operator.  You can do so during the day, but also at night or during the weekend.  That way you increase the number of spindle hours of your lathe or milling machine, and you will better utilize the capacity of your machine park.

During the day, your operators can still produce single pieces, and with your robot you will add a virtual shift!  In addition, your robot can be deployed by day, night and weekend.  Even during holiday periods, your Turn- or Mill-Assist can continue to work.

This is just one of the many advantages of CNC automation. Discover the other benefits.

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  • HAINBUCH GmbH, Spannende Technik
    Marbach, Germany
    HAINBUCH GmbH, Spannende Technik

    "RoboJob was born out of machining and you can easily tell that. Some automation vendors only offer robots, but at RoboJob they gain additional knowledge and benefit from their experience and advice. This experience is part of the software and mechanics of"

  • Ets. Joskin S.A.
    Soumagne, Belgium
    Ets. Joskin S.A.

    "The robots aren’t there to cut back on the workforce; on the contrary, they’re enabling us to increase production and to make work more pleasant for the operators."

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