Decrease of labour cost

Do you want to reduce your labour costs with your CNC machines?  Automation enables you to deploy your operators more efficiently, reducing your labor costs.

Do you also experience difficulties with of finding well-trained CNC operators?  Despite employing selection agencies, job advertisements or attractive employment conditions, it remains a challenge to fill CNC operator vacancies.  In addition, staff costs may be a significant part of your cost structure.

Thanks to our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, you can make your operators more efficient.  The added value of your people lies in their technical knowledge and experience.  Allow these people to focus on their main task: programming and preparing the machine.  By deploying a Turn- or Mill-Assist, they can spend more time on these creative tasks.  Additionally, your people are less stressed in busy periods, and can even handle multiple machines.  All this means that you can significantly reduce your labour costs.

This is just one of the many advantages of CNC automation. Discover the other benefits.

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