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RoboJob had its genesis in its sister company Aluro CNC. They have been active in machining for more than 25 years. In recent years the company has been confronted with a well-known issue: wages costs in the last 20 years have skyrocketed and batch sizes have dropped. That has substantially eaten into the margins of the machining companies.

Since the start of the economic crisis a number of problems emerged at sister company Aluro CNC, including the decline in the batch size of orders. The customer didn’t only want smaller order sizes but also faster delivery times and all this at capped prices.

In order to meet these challenges RoboJob was founded. For and by the machining industry. Robojob offers you a user-friendly, reliable and extremely compact solution for automatically loading and unloading your CNC machines. Our ground-breaking robot systems allow us to resolve the problems you encounter on a daily basis and help you to once again make small and medium sized runs profitable.


RoboJob can help you improve your business

Our customers tell you their own story

  • HAINBUCH GmbH, Spannende Technik

    HAINBUCH GmbH, Spannende Technik

    "RoboJob was born out of machining and you can easily tell that. Some automation vendors only offer robots, but at RoboJob they gain additional knowledge and benefit from their experience and advice. This experience is part of the software and mechanics of"
  • Ets. Joskin S.A.

    Ets. Joskin S.A.

    "The robots aren’t there to cut back on the workforce; on the contrary, they’re enabling us to increase production and to make work more pleasant for the operators."
  • Boton-Merlet


    "The capacity of our turning machine has increased considerably, and our costs have fallen. That's a clear story, right?”"
  • KOCKS Manufacturing GmbH & Co KG

    KOCKS Manufacturing GmbH & Co KG

    "Based on the small batch sizes, it was important to be able to programme and equip quickly and easily. The RoboJob company was the one that most satisfied these requirements."
  • Sud Précision

    Sud Précision

    "As far as we are concerned, this is a beautiful marriage between our five-axis unit and the robot."
  • Mecaplus


    "Using our quality machine park, we are continuing to produce high-quality components and also continuing to arm ourselves in a competitive market"
  • Mabotec BV

    Mabotec BV

    "RoboJob were able to offer us the simplest solution in the market with the Mill-Assist Essential. With this automation, we have a low-threshold system with very easy controls. "
  • Gerhard Schubert GmbH

    Gerhard Schubert GmbH

    "RoboJob is a young, but highly professional enterprise. It's really nice working together with them, both on a business and on an operational level."


    "Taking all this into account, the robots are a welcome help for our operators. And in fact the Mill-Assist fulfils this role exactly: an assistant for our operators in the workplace."
  • Hetschel GmbH & Co. KG

    Hetschel GmbH & Co. KG

    "We had NEVER expected that our Turn-Assist could be installed in just 3 days and we that could then get to work unmanned and independently on day 4."
  • VDM BV

    VDM BV

    "RoboJob has fulfilled all expectations for both the installation, training and the performance of the system itself. Our Turn-Assist Racks is now running smoothly."
  • POK


    "With our 3 Turn-Assists, we have become the first RoboJob customer in France, and we are proud."
  • Platteau


    "We can automate both axes as well as flanges, and using our robot we can easily automate workpieces from 0 to 70kg, from very small to very large dimensions."
  • Lemmens Metaalbewerking

    Lemmens Metaalbewerking

    "RoboJob is able to offer us a proven concept: a stable solution without teething problems."
  • Jehle CNC-Technik

    Jehle CNC-Technik

    "We can no longer imagine that we ever did all the work without the robot."
  • KMWE


    "The bond between man and machine has evolved in such a way that they can work together perfectly."
  • Manfred Zaiser GmbH

    Manfred Zaiser GmbH

    "Automation is important to us because it allows us to get more output from our machines."
  • IGS GeboJagema

    IGS GeboJagema

    "Thanks to automation, the quality of our finished components is so good and so consistent, that we do much more assembly work with the same number of employees as previously."
  • Stubbe Metaalbewerking

    Stubbe Metaalbewerking

    "Thanks to RoboJob, our effective production is now much closer to the capacity of our machines."
  • Buyse Metal Works Group

    Buyse Metal Works Group

    "I'm really surprised at the speed with which the installation of the whole was carried out and the speed at which our operators were able to start using this machine."
  • Lenord und Bauer

    Lenord und Bauer

    "The delivery times in our industry have drastically reduced in recent years. Today our customers expect delivery within a few days."
  • MMI


    "The high cost of personnel in the Netherlands means that automation is an obvious choice. "
  • AMT Metaaltechniek

    AMT Metaaltechniek

    "Like most suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, in recent years we were also faced with increasing competition from low-wage countries such as Turkey or Eastern Europe. "
  • KS Metaalwerken

    KS Metaalwerken

    "The extremely short set-up time and easy operation of the RoboJob Turn-Assist system quickly convinced me to deliberately choose this unique automation."
  • Robland – Landuyt NV

    Robland – Landuyt NV

    "With RoboJob we have taken a new step forward in our company. Not surprisingly we are extremely pleased with this important step for Robland."


    "By putting itself 100% in the place of the operator, with the Turn-Assist, RoboJob has succeeded in providing a response to a large number of lathe operator expectations."
  • Fijn Mekaniek NELISSEN

    Fijn Mekaniek NELISSEN

    "The switch-over to a new series of smaller size goes perfectly well and extremely quickly!"
  • Quadrant


    "Where possible, repetitive work, which would otherwise have to be carried out by our CNC operators, is taken over by the RoboJob system."
  • Depoortere


    "I saw first the Turn-Assist System at a trade fair in Kortrijk. Afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about the concept and following a visit to their factory in Heist-op-den-Berg, we were convinced to go for Robojob"
  • PEMA Technics & TORSON

    PEMA Technics & TORSON

    "Finally, an automation partner that speaks the same language as we do! This feeling was strongly expressed when I saw the system in action, together with our CNC team. "
  • Dewulf


    "The RoboJob system met our expectations without problem! RoboJob is an extremely reliable partner that sets the bar just as high as we do."
  • Nossin Fijnmechanische Industrie

    Nossin Fijnmechanische Industrie

    "Since the installation of the RoboJob Turn-Assist I am able to continue with production while my people are at lunch or at home."
  • Smelt Drunen BV

    Smelt Drunen BV

    "In order to be able to continue to be competitive and to be up there with the most modern techniques in our field, we started our quest for automation in 2014."
  • Metaalconstructie Vanderscheuren

    Metaalconstructie Vanderscheuren

    "The five-Turn-Assists that we currently have, will still be able to work in the business for years because they are so robust and qualitatively built."
  • VM CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

    VM CNC-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

    "In order to considerably extend the possible production times and relieve the highly qualified personnel from the simple insert work, I opted for automation."
  • HP Valves

    HP Valves

    "Some years back we already began to think about automation within our production department."

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