Benefits & References of CNC automation

CNC automation offers many benefits. It increases your profitability, your efficiency and your flexibility.  As such, CNC automation is a perfect fit with Industry 4.0, Factory of the Future and Smart Manufacturing. We are happy to explain all the benefits to you.

Also, we want to assure you that you are not the first to take the step towards CNC automation. Many companies have already preceded you: small, medium and large enterprises at home and abroad. They will tell you more about their motives and results.


  • Increase your output
  • More spindle hours
  • Flexible response to demand
  • Less physical work
  • Man-free production
  • Rapid change-over

You are not the first one to start with CNC automation

Find out which other companies have preceded you

  • KOCKS Manufacturing GmbH & Co KG
    Bremen, Germany
    KOCKS Manufacturing GmbH & Co KG

    "Based on the small batch sizes, it was important to be able to programme and equip quickly and easily. The RoboJob company was the one that most satisfied these requirements."

  • Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV
    Lunteren, Netherlands
    Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV

    "Why should we let an experienced operator load and unload a machine, while there’s a robot to do this! "

Which brands of CNC machines did we already automate?

Discover which machine brands we have already automated.

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