Automation of turning lathes

You are ready to automate your CNC lathe, but find it difficult to make the right choice?  At RoboJob we are happy to help you.  Choose from one of our many standard solutions to automate your CNC lathe.  As market leader in CNC automation, we ourselves have emerged from the machinging industry, and we understand very well what to take into account in your decision making process.

We are happy to help you make the right choice to automate your CNC lathe.

At RoboJob, we can offer you the most comprehensive portfolio in CNC automation.  We understand that you need to choose an automation that best meets your needs and workpieces.  After all, that is not an easy task for any customer.

You can choose from one of our basic concepts for the automation of your lathe.  Within each concept you can choose from different models and designs.  In addition, you can further expand each model with Options and Modular Extensions.  This way you can build your tailor-made CNC automation step by step, and you can spread your costs over time.

Click on one of the concepts below for the automation of your turning lathe

  • Pallet-Load: one or more pallets on which you can position your workpieces.
  • Turn-Assist: a 'table' on which you can stack your workpieces.
  • Racks: 'stackable racks' in which you can position your workpieces.
  • Tower: a 'tower' which functions as a central storage for your workpieces, pallets, clamping devices and tools.

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  • SAS F2B Usinage

    SAS F2B Usinage

    • Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf, France
    • Mill-Assist Essential Integrated
    • Supply of mechanical components
    • Mazak
  • Seco Tools

    Seco Tools

    • Bouxwiller, France
    • Racks Large
    • Tools
    • DMG Mori
  • Mabotec BV

    Mabotec BV

    • Waalwijk, Netherlands
    • Mill-Assist Essential Integrated
    • Machine Construction
    • DN Solutions

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