RoboJob Mill-Assist Series

The most compact total solution for the loading and unloading of your CNC milling machine.

Or rather lathes and grinding machines?


    Mill-Assist ESSENTIAL

    • For small and medium sized runs
    • Possibility of limited stacking
    • Compact positioning in front of or next to your machine
    • For workpieces with a length of 25 mm up to 450 mm.
    • Robot payload: 12 - 20 - 35kg

    Mill-Assist CONVEYOR

    • For the loading and unloading of 3/5 axis milling machines
    • For small and medium sized runs
    • Inclined gravity feed belt for the automatic feed of raw components and a horizontal discharge belt for the automatic discharge of finished components
    • For workpieces from 30x10 mm up to 260x260 mm
    • Robot payload: 12 - 20 - 35 - 50 - 70kg

    Mill-Assist RACKS

    • For medium sized and large runs
    • For the production of molded parts
    • The racks can be stacked onto one another
    • Robot payload: 12 - 20 - 35 - 50 - 70 - ... kg


  • Increase your output
  • More spindle hours
  • Flexible response to demand
  • Less physical work
  • Man-free production
  • Rapid change-over

Our customers' success stories

Read the success stories of our customers.

  • Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV
    Lunteren, Netherlands
    Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV

    "Why should we let an experienced operator load and unload a machine, while there’s a robot to do this! "

  • Mabotec BV
    Waalwijk, Netherlands
    Mabotec BV

    "RoboJob were able to offer us the simplest solution in the market with the Mill-Assist Essential. With this automation, we have a low-threshold system with very easy controls. "

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