The Vision & Mission of RoboJob

The machining industry has known its difficulties for some years now. Some significant changes in our industry make it difficult to remain profitable, to be competitive in an international market, and to fill in vacancies. By offering you user-friendly automation, RoboJob seeks solutions to address these challenges. We are convinced that our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series can increase your profitability, competitiveness and efficiency. In addition, automation is a useful tool to make our industry more appealing for highly skilled technical profiles.

The machining industry's Supply Chain has undergone several major changes in recent years. These changed market structures include the following aspects:

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Smaller batch sizes
  • Lack of experienced CNC operators
  • Increase of labour costs
  • Just in time production

It is our Vision that we have found a solution to address these challenges with easy-to-use, flexible automation. After all, our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series enable you to respond immediately to these changes in the market, and to the fluctuating patterns of your customers' orders.

The 3 challenges of RoboJob

Our mission, your gain.

By deploying our flexible and low-threshold automation solutions, we want to restore the profitability of our customers. This profitability has been under pressure in recent years, partly due to rising labor costs in our industry.

Moreover, with our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, our customers succeed in making the machining industry profitable again. The serial work is taken over by our robots, and these can be used after working hours or during the weekend. This way, you increase the capacity usage of your CNC machine.

Your CNC operators are best put to work where they can create the most added value: programming a machine, or making complex single pieces. For boring and physical batches, you can now count on your Turn- or Mill-Assist. Our automation solutions take over your operator's physical tasks, creating more time for creative tasks or process improvement. This not only increases the efficiency in the workplace; it also increases your competitive ability in a global market. In addition, peace and quiet will return to your production environment, and your operators will regain their work pleasure.

You may also experience the difficulty of finding motivated and qualified CNC operators. Young school leavers often prefer another industry, despite having the right technical education. By deploying new technology, we try to make our industry more appealing and rewarding for our employees, also in your workplace. After all, the boring physical tasks are taken over by our robots, creating time for more creative tasks. Your operator can focus on programming your machines, or on making complex single pieces.

Which are the benefits of CNC automation?

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