The Service of RoboJob

Do you want to increase your profitability and efficiency as a supplier in the machining industry? Or do you find it difficult to attract new CNC operators? RoboJob offers you a user-friendly, flexible solution for automatically loading and unloading your CNC machine. But that's not all.

The choice for the right automation product and the appropriate automation solution provider goes beyond technology or purchase price. With RoboJob, you choose a partner that also offers you the best possible service.

At RoboJob, we originate from the machining industry. At our sister company Aluro CNC we have been able to experience how hard it has become for a subcontractor to be profitable and efficient, or to find good CNC operators. That is why RoboJob was founded: for and by the machining industry.

Meanwhile, we have been around for over 10 years, and we can offer you the widest portfolio for the automation of your CNC machine. Due to our continuous focus on innovation and product development, we continue to build user-friendly, flexible solutions that you can use as a supplier in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, we also offer you the best possible service. We strive to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction in the machining industry.


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The service of RoboJob

Why choose RoboJob?

Our Turn and Mill-Assist Series have meanwhile become the standard in the market. These low-threshold solutions were built from our own knowledge and experience in the machining industry. We are not just another robot integrator, but a partner that thinks with you. Not in challenges, but in solutions.

All our products and solutions were built from practice. From our experience, but also from the experiences of our customers. After all, our customers work with our products on a daily basis, and they are therefore best placed to suggest improvements.

With over 10 years of experience, we can now do multiple installations per week. The installation of your automation takes only 3 to 4 days, including a half-day training on site. After that, you can start working independently.

You can install your Turn or Mill-Assist on both new and existing CNC machines, of any brand. Together with you, we look at how and where your automation is best installed.

Before we start installing your automation, we'll go over the final details with you. This ensures that we can meet our promises. If necessary, we will also immediately align with the supplier of your CNC machine.

Even after your Turn or Mill-Assist has been installed, we will be there for you. Our Service team is available when you need us, 24/7. By phone if possible, on location if needed.

Your commercial contact will of course also remain available to you. Do you have any suggestions or improvements? Then we would like to hear that. That's how we can continue to improve our solutions. Our R&D team is eager to get to work with your suggestions!

Who else can you ask?

Read about the experiences of our customers.

  • Ets. Joskin S.A.
    Soumagne, Belgium
    Ets. Joskin S.A.

    "The robots aren’t there to cut back on the workforce; on the contrary, they’re enabling us to increase production and to make work more pleasant for the operators."

  • Boton-Merlet
    Moncoutant, France

    "The capacity of our turning machine has increased considerably, and our costs have fallen. That's a clear story, right?”"

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