Innovation in CNC automation

Innovation, that's what we do together.

At RoboJob, we originate from the machining industry. We have more than 25 years of practical experience. Innovation however, that's what we do together with you, our customer. Your operators are working with our automation solutions on a daily basis, and are therefore best placed to suggest improvements to your Turn- or Mill-Assist.

In co-creation with our customer, we continue to build new solutions. Our R&D team consists of 6 software engineers and 6 experts in mechanics and electronics. They put your ideas into practice, with the highest quality, user-friendliness and flexibility you can expect.

Innovation in CNC automation

Standing still is going backwards.

Most comprehensive portfolio of standard products

Already today, RoboJob can offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of standard automation products.  With these standard products, you can automate your turning lathe, milling machine, turning/milling combination or grinding machine.

Most comprehensive standard functions

All RoboJob products are equipped with the most comprehensive standard functions in the market. Of course, we continue to further develop and expand these, so you can do tomorrow what you can think of today.

Modularly extendable

The modular extensions allow you to build your customised automation. This will not only spread your costs over time. You can also build your automation in function of the demand of your customers.

CNC automation does not have to stop at workpiece handling. Also, the preparation of your CNC machine must be possible with the push of a button: the correct tools, clamps or claws must be provided automatically. Just like single pieces that can be handled automatically.

We are already working on it. Not to finish this in a few years, but this year. Keep an eye on our news, because there are plenty of innovations to come!

Together with you, we want to build the long-term of the machining industry. Inspired by initiatives such as Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or Factories of the Future, we are already working on it today. With Helmut De Roovere we have a CEO who has a clear vision of the future of the machining industry. And of course we are also open to your experience and opinion. Tell us about your vision and we're happy to meet with you. Our R&D team will put your and our ideas into practice.

Want to know more about our vision on Industry 4.0? Read all about it in our whitepaper.

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