Becoming a customer at RoboJob

What does it mean to become a customer at RoboJob?  When you purchase one of our Turn- or Mill-Assists, you will not only choose a product.

You will also choose a partner who doesn't only understand the machining industry in all its aspects, but also thinks with you to offer you easy-to-use solutions.

And you will choose a supplier. A supplier who offers you the best possible service. Together we strive to revitalize the profitability and competitiveness of our industry.  By doing so we want to make our industry attractive again to highly skilled workers.

Choose RoboJob, and you will choose:

  • Security: RoboJob has been able to help hundreds of companies with their search for automation solutions.  And that is to your advantage. You can take advantage of our knowledge and experience.  We originate from the manufacturing industry, and can also draw from the experience of hundreds of other companies in your industry.
  • A low-threshold solution: simple concepts, which are easy to use.
  • The fastest set-up and changeover times
  • The most comprehensive standard features
  • Flexibility in all possible ways: not only with our products but also with our people.
  • Capacity on a limited surface: Thanks to our unique, patented stacking system, we succeed in creating surprisingly high capacity on a very small surface.
  • Compactness, accessibility and visibility


Contact RoboJob and you’ll immediately have the answer to your question.

Industriepark 12 Zone B
2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

+32 (0)15 25 72 74

May we welcome you at one of our tradeshows and events?

  • EMO Hanover



    EMO Hanover

    The EMO tradeshow in Hanover is the tradeshow for the European manufacturing industry.  This year EMO will again take place in Hanover, and of course RoboJob cannot be missed!  We will present you our latest innovations in CNC automation.  Register your visit and you will receive a free entrance ticket!

  • Metavak




    From 30 October until 1 November 2018, the 14th edition of the METAVAK tradeshow will take place at the 'Evenementenhal' in Gorinchem. Its the local tradeshow for the metal industry.

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  • Mecaplus


    "Using our quality machine park, we are continuing to produce high-quality components and also continuing to arm ourselves in a competitive market"

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