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RoboJob’s genesis lies in its sister company Aluro CNC. They have been active in the machining industry for more than 25 years. Like many other companies in the sector, they too experienced rising labour costs and a decline in batch sizes.

Since the start of the economic crisis, a number of problems emerged at sister company Aluro CNC, including the decline in the batch size of orders. The customers didn’t only want smaller order sizes, but also faster delivery times and all this at capped prices. Stocks cost money and of course they all wanted everything delivered ‘just-in-time’ and in smaller quantities. In doing so, they also looked at the possibilities of production in low-wage countries. On top of that, the fact remains that experienced CNC operators can’t just be picked up off the street. 

RoboJob was founded in order to meet these challenges. For and by the machining industry. RoboJob offers you a user-friendly, reliable and extremely compact solution for automatically loading and unloading your CNC machines. Our ground-breaking robot systems allow us to resolve the problems you encounter on a daily basis and help you to once again make small and medium-sized runs profitable.



Most comprehensive standard functions

All our products offer an extremely wide range of standard functions, which increase the efficiency and flexibility of the operator and your CNC machine. With just one click, the operator can adjust the speed of the robot, adjust the clamping force of the grippers, or allow the robot to grip eccentrically. These are just a few from a long list of standard functions.

Modularly extendable

You can get started right away with our standard systems, even with complex workpieces. 
Moreover, thanks to our modular concept you can further expand your automation step by step. This increases your flexibility, allows you to spread the cost in time and lets you grow your automation with it depending on your orders. 


Installation only takes 3 to 4 days including half a day for on-site training. Because we use a robot interface, your machine also remains under warranty, and the total concept is CE-IIA certified. You also enjoy 1 year’s warranty on spare parts, on-site work hours, software upgrades and telephone support.

Fastest set-up and change-over time

Shortest proven set-up and change-over time in the market: only 5 minutes for a new component and 2 minutes for a repetitive component. Thanks to our extremely user-friendly graphic interface, specific robot knowledge is not required! Each detail in the software and the hardware ensures an ultrafast set-up and change-over time.

Fastest performance

The RoboJob software is so designed that all calculations are done while the robot is working. This way the machine is always one step ahead with not a second lost. This translates into an increase in the output and moreover, the robot can also perform pre- and post-processing in anticipation of the next piece that can be unloaded.

Fastest payback time

Fast payback time in just 6 to 18 months, with a depreciation of only just €5/hr.

The most compact automation on the market

Compact, accessible and visible: our solutions are the most compact loading solutions on the market. Your machine opening remains free, because the automation is positioned next to the machine opening. This way, the operator is not obstructed and you maintain a good overview on the automation and on your machine park. 

Stacking of workpieces

Unique and patented stacking principle, whereby you have the largest capacity on the smallest surface area. Our solutions are the only automation solutions with which you can stack the workpieces on our inclined table.

No grid plates required

Thanks to the configurable and patented feed and reception plate, you don’t need any specific grid plates. 2 pins to position a round, square or hexagonal component are sufficient. If you wish, you can still work with grid plates.

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Meet the people behind RoboJob

Meet the people behind the brand

There's a story behind RoboJob. Get to know us better!

RoboJob itself originated from the machining industry. In this corporate film we introduce ourselves to you, and invite you to get to know the story behind RoboJob. We have a dynamic team of young, passionate people who make every effort to provide our customers with smart and convenient products, supported by a strong service.

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